Natural Digestive Healing

The importance of the liver and natural detoxification

How can you promote healthy liver function in your body?

Your liver is an essential organ responsible for over 500 functions in the body.  One important role is breaking down and removing toxins and chemicals circulating in the blood and organs or stored in tissues.  While somewhat resilient, your liver can easily become overloaded due to chemicals added to our food, especially hormones, antibiotics, and herbicides/pesticides; prescription medications, alcohol, drugs, skincare products, and environmental toxins can destroy cell membranes, interrupt neurotransmitters, and bind to essential vitamins and minerals, rendering them useless.

What purpose does your liver serve in the body?
Your liver is responsible for the production of bile, which is then stored in your gallbladder and released in order to digest fats, according to the Liver Doctor.  The liver is also responsible for storing glucose in the form of glycogen, which we need for energy, synthesizing and regulating cholesterol, breaking down and removing excess hormones, and it has an essential role in the metabolism of proteins.  One of your liver's most important roles is acting as a detoxifier for the body, where it transforms harmful substances and chemicals, so that they can later leave the body.

"One of your liver's most important roles is acting as a detoxifer "

The detoxification process in the liver goes through two phases.  First, it uses enzymes and oxygen to process chemicals and toxins so they are water soluble and easier for the body to process and remove.  Then, it combines these partially processed toxins with amino acids and sulfur, so they can later be eliminated through urine or bile.  When the body is overwhelmed or bogged down with toxic substances, there are some light and natural detoxification methods that may assist the liver in this process.

Natural detoxification methods on the GAPS Diet
Harsh detox methods, such as chelation or "cleanses" have the potential of severely damaging your body in addition to the problems already caused from accumulated toxic buildup.  Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends choosing natural detoxification methods, which may reduce toxic levels within the body and not overwhelm your organs or damage your tissues. Here are a few recommended natural methods you might want to give a try:

  • Drink freshly pressed juices made from organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. GAPS milkshakes are also ideal for supporting healthy liver function and stimulating bile flow.
  • Use coffee enemas to cleanse your liver and speed up the detoxification process. 
  • Take natural supplements, such as probiotics, spirulina, taurine, frozen bee pollen and seaweed, to remove toxins from the body. However, if you suffer from severe digestive conditions, you should avoid this recommendation.
  • Eat fermented vegetables, high-quality fresh animal products and foods high in sulfur content.
  • Bath with Eposom salts, clays, seaweed and more.
  • Only use natural skin care products that don't contain man-made, toxic ingredients.

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